Firearms Technology

Voere is one of the most innovative and modern companies in the field of precision and fireams technology. Our hunting and target rifles, developed and produced right below the Kufstein fortress are rich in tradition, enjoy international acclaim and are still considered to be an insider's tip.

hunting rifles

Model overview hunting rifles


"K15 .22lr bolt action rifle"

handy - light weight - affordable


2015 menue

Prices ranging from € 550,-

20-06 "The Tirolerin"

Elegant - Light weight - Comcakt


The “Tirolerin” is a well ballanced rifle made of steeel with modular design and Take Down mechanism for standard calibres ranging from 22-250 to 9.3x62
Prices ranging from € 2.459,-

20-03 " The LBW"

Light weight- Well balanced - Modular 



The LBW is a good value, universal, light-weight rifle with modular design and Take Down for small, medium and magnum calibres..

Prices ranging from € 1.240,-

2185 "Semi automatic hunting rifle"

Fast - Accurate - Durable

Half or full stocked semi-automatic hunting rifle

Prices ranging from € 1860,-  

"2155" M98 based rifle

Proven - Solid - Affordable


This robust model is based on the proven Mauser 98 action.

Prices ranging from € 1.037,-


"2165" M98 based high end rifle

Elegant - High quality - classy


Prices ranging from € 1.443,-